“Julia Kramer led a series of financial workshops for our high school students. During each session, the students were so engaged and attentively participated in the enthusiastic discussions she facilitated. At the last session, the students were clearly disappointed when they learned they were having their last workshop with Miss Julia.

“The students weren’t the only ones who enjoyed these workshops because as an educator, I was thankful for the opportunity to participate as well. Not only were Ms. Kramer’s workshops informative, adding knowledge to my thinking bank, but she challenged my heart as well and helped me to see how my personality and values are closely knitted with my financial decisions. Ms. Kramer has an impressive ability to take the taboo topic of finances and make it a comfortable, fun, and transparent conversation.”

Charissa Rychcik
The Bradley Center


“Julia Kramer is a natural-born teacher with the most winning ways. Her  interactions with the Bradley Center kids, and the teachers, were amazing. The students’ engagement level was a marvel to watch.

“Ms. Kramer has a wonderful way of helping the kids understand the importance of the information, but does so by telling relevant and entertaining stories…sometime at her own expense, to further the narrative that everyone can make mistakes, it’s what you learn from them that is most important. The kids clearly took away a hopeful and resoundingly positive message about financial responsibility and the role it will have in their success later in life.

“I will enthusiastically invite Ms. Kramer back to present further sessions to our students.”

Pat Hargest, CFRE
Director of Development
The Bradley Center


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Julia Kramer both personally and professionally for over 10 years and have worked closely with her on professional presentations, volunteer experiences, community efforts, and wellness activities.  Julia immediately assumes a leadership role in all that she does. Her high energy and dynamic personality is a great contribution to any project. I hope my words can capture the incredible talents, passion, approach, and dedication that Julia delivers in all that she does.  

“Recently, Julia presented an outstanding presentation in my workplace on the topic of Financial Literacy.  Julia personalized this presentation specific to the population of my workplace, which made the material interesting and easy to understand for all that attended.  In fact, many of the attendees were able to immediately integrate the financial tips and strategies offered to improve their own financial well being.  I was impressed not only with Julia’s comfort with public speaking, but also with her ability to add humorous anecdotes from her own personal life that helped hold the audience’s attention.  We are excited for Julia to return to our workplace to deliver her meaningful presentation to more of our clients.” 


“Julia Kramer’s “Financial Literacy” seminar is in a class by itself. It was very impressive how quickly she was able to acclimate herself to the crowd and encourage engagement from the participants. She used her enthusiasm and passion to win them over, and then delivered the necessary information in a manner that left a lasting impact. I would absolutely recommend Julia to any organization looking to empower and enlighten their target audience.”

Pete Strobl
Founder, The Scoring Factory