Individual Coaching

  • Are you feeling defeated, embarrassed and/or ashamed that you are earning more than ever before and yet have more debt? This is actually a very common scenario. Working together we will create a plan that puts your hard earned professional success to work for you so you can truly reap the rewards of your accomplishments. 
  • Are you facing a life transition such as a divorce, death of a spouse, or re-entry into the workforce? Do you find yourself needing a new or stronger set of personal finance skills?  Working together we will discover where the gaps occur in your personal finance education and create an effective budgeting/bill paying process individually tailored to you. Once the roadmap is created, your path to a financially stable future will be clear and will keep you motivated to continue doing the necessary work to achieving the ultimate goal…financial peace.
  • Are you spending more than you should? Engaging in “retail” therapy to soothe those uncomfortable feelings and then feeling sick when the monthly bills arrive? Millions of Americans live this way.  Working together in a shame-free environment, we will create a plan to replace shopping with other healthy practices, which will build your confidence and resolve. We will also develop a plan to pay off your credit card debt once and for all.
  • Do you find yourself resisting a plan to start consistently saving? Do you keep telling yourself you will begin investing next month? Do you throw your 401k, pension and bank statements in a drawer promising to get a handle on them next year? Working together we can identify the areas of your financial plan that need the most attention and then build the skills that will help you better understand where your money is invested, why, and what your long-term financial goals should be.