Group Education

Seminars can be designed for a very specific audience dealing with similar life experiences. Some examples include:

  • College and professional athletes: Learn how to deal with a number of potential problems when sudden wealth is obtained. Topics include learning the keys to finding trusted advisors, and how to establish appropriate boundaries with friends and family.
  • High school students: Learn the basic, but profoundly important financial skills that will allow a young adult to implement a plan leading to sound financial practices. Topics covered will include the basics in opening and utilizing a bank account, creating a budget, the importance of savings and the dangers of credit card debt.
  • Women in transition: Whether through a divorce, loss of spouse, or re-entry into the workforce, basic financial skills will be covered, such as how to choose trusted advisors, discussion regarding common financial fears/anxieties specific to women and how to address the psychological and emotional obstacles that frequently block a woman’s path to financial peace.
  • Young adults beginning their professional careers: Topics covered would include the importance of starting a savings program early, the dangers of credit card debt, the importance of budgeting, and how to hire trusted advisors.