What services does Julia Kramer provide?

I am a financial coach and educator. I provide a wide array of services to help individuals and families attain a secure financial outlook. These services include evaluating customers’ financial status, helping customers to understand psychological and emotional obstacles that are blocking their paths to financial peace, helping them to devise a plan/budget that is workable and practical and helping them to gain an overall more healthy relationship with money.

I can also help with very practical matters, such as how to choose trusted advisors (lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, etc.), how to set up bank accounts, what to watch out for with predatory lenders and how to figure out the true cost of carrying credit card debt.

What are the benefits to using the services of a financial coach? Can’t I just accomplish the same results on my own?

The benefits of using a financial coach are substantial. We hire other numerous professionals daily to provide any number of services we need; why should our financial health be any less important? Julia Kramer will be your partner in putting together a customized plan that will help you become an expert in your own life. She will help you understand the role of money in our lives and will encourage processes that will help reduce your anxiety and create hope. Her ultimate goal is to teach you a set of skills that once mastered, will allow you to move forward and accomplish new financial goals on your own.

I am embarrassed about my current financial status and am hesitant to discuss personal details with someone I do not know well. How do I get over this feeling of anxiousness?

It is understandable that you may feel embarrassed about your financial status, but that’s perfectly normal. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are now making a choice to start resolving your financial problems and every journey begins with that first step. Rest assured; just taking action toward resolving your financial problems will immediately take an enormous burden off your shoulders. You will now be working toward a goal as opposed to running from a stressful situation. Financial educators are not there to judge you. Sometimes it takes sharing your situation with someone who is not personally entangled in your life for you to gain the benefit of a fresh perspective.

How much does it cost to hire Julia Kramer?

Everyone is different with different needs and desires. Give Julia a call at 724-759-3674 and she will meet with you for a NO COST consultation to talk over your unique situation.

Where will I be meeting with Julia Kramer?

We can meet wherever you would be most comfortable. I would be happy to travel to your home, office or alternate location.

Are my financial records and other personal details kept confidential?

Absolutely. Nothing that is shared about your financial matters will ever be discussed with others. I take this commitment to your privacy very seriously and would never compromise a business relationship by sharing your information with others.

Do you have references that I could contact to discuss your prior work experience and learn how others have benefitted from using your services?

Yes, I strongly encourage prospective clients to do that. I feel it’s important for new clients to have confidence in my services and how I can help you improve your financial matters…therefore leading to improving many facets of your life. Please see the Testimonials tab on this site and feel free to contact me if you’d like to speak directly to any of the individuals quoted there.

How do I begin? What is the first step I need to take to get started working with Julia Kramer?

Please contact me at 724-759-3674 or email me at julia@financialpeace4you.com. I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire that will give me an overview of your situation. We can then set our initial meeting at a time and place convenient for you.

A happy and healthy relationship with money is just around the corner. I would be happy to help you reach your financial goals and I pledge to do so in a compassionate, practical and non-judgemental manner. I look forward to hearing from you.

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