Article Review: Mr. Crazy Kicks talks Early Retirement

Every so often I come across an article I that so closely aligns with what I try to articulate to my clients that I just want to tell the world about it. Yes, that’s the life of a personal finance coach – sound advice about managing money gets this girl’s pulse racing. Mr. Crazy Kicks […]

A Systems Approach to Finance

It’s the New Year, which means resolutions, goals, and ambitious undertakings. And according to recent statistics, making better financial decisions is the third most common resolution – behind losing weight (duh) and the generic ‘life / self-improvement,’ which could encompass making better financial decisions anyway. According to Forbes, only 8% of resolutions stick. If most […]

How to Budget for a New Home

Reposted from Owning a home is a huge blessing when you have the money to make it work. But how do you know how much home you can afford? That’s where the dreaded B-word comes in. Yep, a budget. Budgeting may get a bad rap, but it’s really quite simple to do. Let’s break […]