Find Your Financial Peace


Julia Kramer is a Financial Literacy Educator and Financial Coach. Her clients have a wide variety of financial needs and backgrounds, but generally share a common problem – they are unhappy with their financial situations and have come to the difficult decision of knowing that something must change.

Many times, people just don’t know where to start. Julia is not only educated and trained to help individuals, couples and families deal with their financial matters, she has “walked the walk,” in dealing with and resolving her own financial crises, which occurred after years of insecurity, overspending and not properly managing her money.

Julia’s training is infused with humor, understanding and a genuine passion for helping her clients find their own financial peace.

Debt Payoff Calculator

Create a Payoff Plan: See how making a few extra payments will get you debt-free faster than you think

Group Education

Financial literacy seminars can be specifically tailored for the needs of any audience. This is an especially helpful approach in reaching a large group at once, but then being able to provide an individual with the privacy and one-on-one coaching afterward that most people would prefer.

Couples/Family Coaching

Financial pressures within a family require an “all hands on deck” approach if they are to be resolved permanently. A plan will be created which includes all family members and holds each accountable for working toward the family’s or couple’s goals.

Individual Coaching

Why do people fail to manage their money properly? You will find out about the most common unhealthy money behaviors and identify which ones are relevant to you. An individualized plan will be created to help you overcome your specific obstacles, meet your financial goals and most importantly, help you create a healthy relationship with money.